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SEO for lawyers and law firms

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a complex and ever-changing maze of arcane tips, tricks and onsite improvements to increase the visibility of your content in the judgmental eyes of search engines while still maintaining overall readability and timelyrelevance to your equally judgmental potential clients. Unfortunately, there is no panacea to ranking highly in Google (and other nameless search engines) but there are a variety of ways to appease the almighty algorithm and ensure you get the trafficyou deserve.

Although SEO can seem like a black box of unknowable secrets, it needn’t be so confusing. Building a great SEO plan is similar to building a great house: the process can be daunting and there are many pitfalls, but if done right (by picking theright location, hiring the best team, using good fundamentals and following expert advice), you can end up with the home(page) of your dreams.

All good SEO plans, whether it’s SEO for lawyers or other professionals, starts with patience, planning and, in most case unfortunately, dollars. Of course, if you don’t have a large budget, you can still build a winning strategy but to offsetcosts you’ll need equal amounts of elbow grease and sweat equity. And, just like building a house, if following the right steps, put in the time and effort required, and hire the right partners when needed, you and your firm can benefit greatlyfrom the added exposure SEO for lawyers can bring.

Law firm SEO: making a difficult job more difficult

If SEO in general is like building a house, SEO for lawyers is like trying to build your dream home in the hottest of real estate markets while interest rates are increasing daily. Why? Because law firm SEO is an incredibly competitive marketplace—especiallySEO for personal injury firms and other consumer facing legal markets (e.g. SEO for family lawyers or SEO for employment lawyers). In addition to the general competitiveness of this market is the increased competitiveness of certain locations; competingfor clicks in online real estate in cities like Toronto or Hamilton can quickly inflate time and cost requirements for any poorly laid out search engine optimization strategies. For markets like these, it is imperative to identify a very focused strategyearly on or you can quickly find yourself going house poor.

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