Toronto Lawyers Website Certification

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The Toronto Lawyers Certification Program is our effort to ensure law firm websites are developed with best practices in mind. A law firm website should be professional, easy to use and client-centric. If you feel your website does not properly address the needs of your clients, we can do a complete audit of the entire system, analyzing the website design, content, functionality and infrastructure and provide a highly detailed report of the website's strengths and weaknesses.

What does it mean to be Toronto Lawyers Certified?

We take the business of web development very seriously at TorontoLawyers.ca and have developed a very strict set of best practices that help firms succeed in the online world. Much of these practices are discussed in brief throughout our website and more detail can be had by contacting us, but basically to be Toronto Lawyers Certified means applying our guidelines to your existing website and measuring how well your site reflects your business model and what you can do to maximize your online efforts.

All areas of your website will be graded and scored based on a variety of key contributors. Areas that receive a failing grade will need to be updated before we bestow the Toronto Lawyers Certified moniker, something you can proudly display on your site.

Can I buy the Toronto Lawyers Certified Logo for my website?

No. We only allow our logo on websites that have gone through the Toronto Lawyers Certification Program. This preserves the integrity of the program and ensures that websites displaying the logo are of the highest quality. If you see our logo on a website of questionable quality, it is probably there illegally. Please contact us to let us know where we can find it.

Will you certify my website even if it was developed by a company other than TorontoLawyers.ca?

Of course. We are not the only web developers that make properly designed websites. We are more than happy to certify a website that adheres to similar best practices.

I'd like to participate in the Toronto Lawyers Certification Program. How do we begin?

That's the easy part. Contact us or give us a call at 1 (800) 20-TOLAW(86529) and we'll get started immediately.